Headstart Upton – Rooms


Our Seedlings room is where many of our little ones start their Headstart journey.

Our focus in Seedlings is on stimulating senses and nurturing confidence.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff work to routines that are led by individual needs, on a ratio of one adult to three babies to ensure a perfect balance between interaction with playmates and individual care (with lots of cuddles!).

Our Seedlings children can start at 3 months and move on to their next adventure into Willows at around 20 months. Children only move to the next room when they are ready.


Our Willows room is where individual personalities really start to emerge! From around 20 months to 30 months the Willows children remain in this room, again only moving to the next room when they are ready.

Our Willows room is full of busy, happy and loving children. With a staff ratio of one adult to every three under two year olds and one to four for over two year olds, Willows still require help with their care routines but are beginning to assert their need for independence. Key workers continue to play an important part of the routine with all children being encouraged to practice social skills, develop their confidence and join in activities with others. Of course, we also help them find their voices!


In Chestnuts we do our utmost to stimulate little minds with imaginative and challenging activities that build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. With one qualified staff member to every four two year olds and eight three year olds, the Chestnuts are kept busy with ‘hands on’ discovery activities that encourage them to use all of their senses.

Every day in our chestnuts room is filled with singing songs, sharing stories, playing, building and exploring enjoyable experiences. Our key workers focus on inspiring natural curiosity through play while encouraging children to make simple choices and take responsibility for tidying up after themselves. 


We aspire to ensure that every child is equipped for “big school” by placing great emphasis on “learning by doing”.

With a ratio of one adult to every eight children, we focus on developing the building blocks that ensure a firm foundation for education – language and listening skills coupled with confidence in mathematics, reading and writing. We also foster self-esteem by bringing a positive approach to new experiences with plenty of fun and enjoyment, learning through play.


Oaks, also known as Playbarn. This is our before and after school club and holiday club. We are within walking distance to Upton Heath Primary school, enabling us to drop off here in the mornings and pick up after school very conveniently. Our holiday club is filled with different great activities indoors and outdoors and with the same hours and meals provided as the rest of the nursery you really have nothing more to think of through the school holidays.