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Children playing at Headstart Upton Nursery Chester Preschool Headstart Nursery daycare Upton Chester

Headstart Nurseries

At Headstart Nursery we aim to provide the best in day care and after-school care with a wide range of excellent facilities.

The welfare of the children placed in our care is of paramount importance.

Great care is taken to provide a warm, safe and caring environment in which each individual feels comfortable and happy.

Childhood is a precious time and the early years are a child's most formative. Accordingly, our objective is to allow each individual child the opportunity to explore and develop through a carefully planned and stimulating environment enabling full potential to be achieved.

Staff encourage children to value and respect each other as individuals with different needs and experiences.

Children are encouraged to learn through play. By experience of a wide variety of materials and equipment they will develop physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social skills.