Children playing at Headstart-on-the-Hill Nursery Chester Preschool Headstart Nursery daycare Chester
Happy Child playing at Headstart nursery daycare Chester On the swings Headstart Nursery Childcare Chester

Facilities & Opening Times

Within the nursery there are 3 homely and welcoming rooms. Blossoms (0 - 24 months), Willows (24 - 36 months) and Chestnuts (3+ years). Above the main area is our Chestnut club where our Before and After School Club and Holiday Club meet.

The garden areas have all been planned to create a fun and stimulating environment for the children to explore and develop their skills. Everyone is encouraged to spend lots of time in the all weather areas which provide under cover shelter in the event of rain. Play areas have been soft coated for little feet and little tumbles.

Weekly visits from Jo Jingles for all ages, Fun Spanish and Sports Coaches for all children aged 2 years and above. These are all included in your weekly rates.

The nursery is open from 7.30am until 6pm Monday to Friday.